Dryer Balls

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6xl 100% Organic New Zealand Wool dryer balls 

These wool to the core beauties are a wonderful natural replacement for dryer sheets and fabric softeners. You will recieive 6 extra large balls that last up to 1500 loads. Awesome, right ?!?! Simply place these little guys into your dryer, switch to low heat and see how your clothes will dry in HALF the normal drying time. Save money on utilities and stop wasting money on chemical filled products. Many of the chemicals in softeners and dryer sheets have been linked to several pesky skin issues and can be very harsh on those with respitory issues. These are safe for the whole family. Perfect for the natural minded household or for someone looking to start small with switching to a more natural approach to life. Think you’ll miss the scent of your old products ?? Not to worry...simply add a couple drops of doTERRA essential oils to the balls before drying or make your own dryer spray with witch hazel and essential oils for a fresh scent that’s safe and effective.

Happy laundering, friends :)