Lava Rock Bracelet for essential oils

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Choose from either all Black lava with a pop of White Turquoise or chose the opposite color scheme and get all White Turquoise with a pop of Black Lava stone. These hand dandy bracelets allow you to enjoy your essential oils on the go. Simply add a drop(or two) of your favorite doTERRA essential oil to the lava rock and enjoy a long lasting scent for up to three days. Add Peppermint for respitory support, Lavender for a nice calm mood or add Rosemary or Wild Orange for an uplifting aroma.

Please note that some oils are photosensitive which means they can cause burns to the skin if applied and worn in the sun.

Please use CAUTION when wearing your diffuser jewelry and always read the labels on the oils you choose to use to be sure they can be used in the sun. All the oils suggested above are safe to be worn. 


** Black lava stone is what absorbs the oils. If you purchase the mostly white bracelet you should know the only stone that will absorb essential oils is the one black lava stone. 

Happy oiling, friends !